Why Josh?

This site is an experiment for myself (Joshua Porrata) in Amazon ec2 , s3, Route 53, Comodo SSL and Google Domains/API. Its hosted using a Bitnami AMI. For Lydia, this site is a place to test SEO and WordPress work. so it will have very mixed content over time.

I suppose that in some ways this all links back to our photography and outreach work with Local Beauty Tampa Bay. An organization dedicated to educating people about the natural world around them while encouraging them to actually go outside and enjoy that world.

In any case; there is a blog on this site. Check it out here.


A Trip to Boyd Hill Nature Preserve in Saint Petersburg Florida

Lydia and I took a trip to Boyd Hill Nature Preserve this last weekend. Despite it being “Winter” there was still plenty to see. The nature preserve can be found on the shores of Lake Maggiore just outside of downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida. It features a Bird-of-Prey aviary, 6 miles of hiking trails, overnight camping, …

Progressive Candidate Guide for the 2018 Florida General Election – Tampa Bay

Yesterday I posted the Pinellas county guide and today I thought it would be a good idea to post the Hillsborough county guide. I reached out to the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida to get these guides. I was not paid for this, but if anyone knows George Soros, have him call me. Click here …