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This first photo is of a bend in the mighty (ish) Alafia river at Alderman’s Ford Park. The Alafia River is a 25-mile long river which drains into Tampa Bay, The River was first documented by European invaders in the 16th century. The land around the area was once the home of the Native American tribe called the Tocobaga who disappeared in the 18th century. The Alafia River branches off to nearly 30 rivers and streams around Hillsborough County. The river was originally named Hunters River, but was later named Alafia which means river of fire, after the algae blooms and dirt which often appear in the river.

A bend in the Alafia River
A bend in the Alafia River

Delicate Florets

This photo was taken at a bend in the river at Alderman’s Ford Park before the beginning of spring. The water level was a little bit lower than usual and if you visit now (late spring) you should be able to see even more flora and fauna. And you know what? You definitely should visit Alderman’s Ford Park, especially if you are a fan of canoeing or simple hiking. Alderman’s Ford Park offers one of the county’s most popular canoe launches and excellent campgrounds. This park also features a long paved trail which is excellent for running and jogging, and since pets are welcome, get that fat puppy out there for a brisk run.

Aldermans ford park Dandelion Type flowers
Aldermans ford park Dandelion Type flowers

Glowing clusters

During a trip to this park I actually got lost in the woods and wound up at a fence line next to a strawberry field. Oh boy, what a lovely smell a strawberry field lets loose into the air. Alderman’s Ford Park is made up of over 1,000 square acres and was first settled by europeans in 1848 when James Alderman built his homestead on the river. In the 1950s Hillsborough County purchased the land and made it into the park it is today. The park is also a great place for families, with covered shelters and a large recreation area. On my first visit to the park, I even saw a wedding made up entirely of people in camouflage, I almost ran into them, they were so hard to see.

Pretty yellow cluster of flowers.

Blue Skies

Alafia River as seen from a wooden bridge.
Alafia River as seen from a wooden bridge.

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